Green Eyes On: Three Green New Year's Resolutions

Here are three progressive ways to live greener in the New Year.

1. Dip Your Toe In: Start Eating More Organic Food

Eating more organic food is the perfect place to start. Did you know that the average child in America is exposed to five pesticides a day in food and drinking water? Yet--according to a study involving school-age children-- switching to an organic diet for just five days virtually eliminates any sign of exposure to organophosphate pesticides. And, as an added bonus, you can increase your antioxidant intake by 30 percent by switching to organic foods. Start by replacing two items each week on your grocery list with the organic counterpart, then grow from there.

2. Start Using Recycled Products

I’m sure that you, like many people, are already recycling. Maybe you’re even composting. And you’re proud of how little trash you actually send to the dump each week. But let’s take it one step farther. Without a market for recycled-content goods, there could be no need, or opportunity, for us to recycle. So this year, don’t let your recycling bin be the only green badge you wear, make sure the products around your house sport thetriple-arrow recycling symbol, too. Evelyn Fields makes Reusable Sandwich bags, and other kitchen goods from recycled materials, and Seventh Generation makes 100% recycled content bathroom tissue, napkins and other paper goods. When you buy, look for the triple arrow recycling symbol that is also a triangle, which indicates that something is both recyclable and made from recycled materials.

3. Join a Yoga Class

Starting each day with yoga, either a long form class or five minutes on your own, can make you stronger on the inside and out. In fact, you may be surprised at some of the proven benefits of yoga, including lowered blood pressure, better gastrointestinal functions, strengthened immune system, better pain tolerance, improved circulation, slower pulse rate, increased energy, better posture, slowed aging and, yes, it can even lead to a better sex life. Maybe 2010 is finally the time to get your ohm on.

As with any other time of the year, it doesn’t matter so much where start, what matters is that you start…and that you stick with it and grow from there.

Here’s to a bright green 2010!